Testimonials from recent customers

The ceiling and subfloor insulation installed, has made the heating more efficient, particularly the larger rooms which now heat quickly and retains heat longer.   With our heatpump left on 16 degrees overnight, and solar panels and solar water, our heating bill is neglible.  The hallway warmed slightly better also, extending the heat zone.
  • Allison H. - East Launceston (installed July-2014)

The air circulation system fixed the condensation from day one, very happy. My granddaughter had a ducted system installed with her new home as a package deal (not provided or installed by HEG) but gets condensation, so I will ask her to contact HEG for a quote to fix.

  • Hazel R. - Ravenswood (installed Aug-2014)

I had ceiling insulation installed with a good result. The house is noticeably warmer since the install. There were no issues during the install and was shown the insulation work afterwards.

  • Dianne W. - Deloraine (installed Nov-2013)

Huge difference in overall home comfort from HEG's ceiling insulation and air circulation system. Bedrooms are no longer cold, in fact they feel warmer than the living room at times. Being hay fever sufferers, the filtered inlet seems to have helped also, if hay fever flares up, we simply clean the filter.

  • Mark L. - Ulverstone (installed Aug-2014)


"We LOVE our system we had installed last year. It has changed our life!! It was disgusting waking up in a room full of condensation and mould. We haven't had to have our curtains dry cleaned and it's wonderful knowing the kids' rooms are fresh, warm and clean! Love the fact that we don't have have oil heaters in their rooms anymore. We're still paying it off, but definitely worth it for us!"

Your young chap that did the heat pump service spent twice as long as our usual electricians. The result has been instantaneous. The heat pump hasn't put out that much heat for about 8 years. I'm really impressed, so thanks for doing such a thorough job. We'll see you next year for the service, and we look forward to the ducting system going in during May.


  • Geoff and Val from Newnham
  • April 2014
  • Heat Pump Preventative Maintenance Service

Editors note: Geoff was thinking of installing a new heat pump, but have delayed that decision as we were able to increase the efficiency and output of the existing heat pump.

"Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the HEG for the great job they have done at my house and my Mum's. It has made a huge difference to both our homes. The service was excellent and the teams that came to do the installation were very helpful and knowledgeable. I have been extolling the virtues of the heat transfer product to family and friends." - via email

  • Yvonne from Burnie (also talking about her mothers' house, also in Burnie)
  • Services: New heat pump (mothers' house), Ducted Air Circulation System (both houses), heat pump preventative maintenance service
  • Installed April 2014

"I used to have to wipe my windows each morning, but now I get to wave to my neighbours through clear windows as they are wiping theirs down in the mornings! I do get a little sense of satisfaction from it, I admit. Also, we no longer have any mould behind the sofa, which used to be an annual chore. We are so pleased with our investment - well done."

  • Geoff, Invermay
  • Services provided: Ducted Air Circulation System with Condensation Control Module
  • Installed: April 2013

"We are really happy with the system - it is almost miraculous! We have a large, cold timber Federation home and now it is suddenly comfortably and evenly warm, no condensation except a bit in one room on sub-zero nights, and all for a significantly reduced power cost. Home Efficiency Group are the only people that gave us a clear direction forward for the house."

  • Greg and Bronwyn, Newstead
  • Services provided: Underfloor insulation, Ceiling Insulation, Ducted Air Circulation System, Tube Heaters
  • Installed: June 2013

“The young guys who came here to install ducted air circulation system and insulation batts were just great – so polite and helpful, very clean, no mess.  They have my tick of approval for manners, nice to see!”
  • Deborah, Deloraine

“The two installation guys were polite, intelligent and incredibly hard working!”

  • Adam and Sharon, Blackmans Bay

In terms of the product we are very happy. The ducting is excellent, its nice to walk to the back of the house or bathroom without having to freeze. We even noticed the temperature of the house was a couple of degrees warmer the next morning, even when fire had gone out overnight. The underfloor insulation has made it even warmer still. We think they have been great investments and are very happy with them. We have been recommending the ducting to some of our mates, we definitely think its worth it.   

  • David, Ferntree
  • Services provided: underfloor insulation, Ducted Air Circulation System

We live in the Westbury area and had our ducted heating installed just before winter last year.  We have been very impressed with how well it has worked to send the heat from our woodheater evenly thoughout our home.  We have been able to warm our bedrooms overnight to provide a comfortable heat. 
  • Sharon, Westbury.

We haven't used electric blankets since we got your ducting system in, the windows are as dry as anything, we haven't used half as much wood as we normally go through. Adam - it's the best thing I've ever invested in, and my only regret is that I wish I'd put it in years ago so we didn't have to put up with the cold bedrooms. It'll just about pay itself back in 12 months,  I reckon.

  • Peter, Perth (Tasmania) Note: installed Jan 2011, discussing system in Oct 2011.

We would like to thank you for the great system and insulation you installed last year. Now that we have had a variety of ‘seasons and temperatures’ we are able to see just how impressive your Air Transfer system is. It is great for moving warm/hot air from sun-drenched rooms to cooler rooms during summer and currently now in autumn as well as to circulate the heated air that has risen from our wonderful gas heater. So Adam we are really impressed with your product and chuffed that we made the decision to have it installed.
  • Jackie and Alex, Sandy Bay

I can’t tell you how happy we are with our system – we haven’t had any condensation at all!!!!!  We were thinking before due to our condensation and mould problem that we would sell the house in summer but have changed our minds now.  It is just amazing.  Thank you so very much for all your help.  It is such a weight lifted off my shoulders not having to wipe down the windows every day. The whole house is just so much warmer.
  • Janelle, Ulverstone

Since the installation of the ducted system there has been minimal condensation in my house.  On arrival home after being away for the day there isn’t that crisp cold feeling anymore, it is quite pleasant as the heat from the heat pump is distributed throughout the house via the 3 vents. I’m very satisfied with my investment.
  • Siobhan, Riverside

When we contracted Home Efficiency Group to renew our ducting and ventilation system, it turned our 'older, miserable, cold and damp, in the winter home'  into an 'even temperature, warmer, dryer and much more pleasant home'.  Grandchildren used to walk in and ask for extra heating; others used to say 'it is a cold home.'  Now they ask for information on the ducting system!!  For the same electricity consumption we enjoy the warmth throughout the house and find the small areas of damp commonly found in old homes, are gone.  As pensioners we are conscious of and careful with electricity use and need to contain the costs.  With this system we feel, without increasing our costs, we are able to enjoy a much warmer, dryer home. During the quote, costing and installation, we found all the service people professional and very easy to deal with.  We love the system and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone needing to heat a home effectively while containing the costs of heating/electricity.
  • Charlie and Judy, George Town

I am delighted to say that we are very happy with the system your team put into our  house... I thought your analysis of our situation was thorough and Aaron's installation team did a great job - no messing around, just straight into it after checking the outlet locations where where I wanted. Now the system has been running for over a week, and it is great not to be wiping down wet windows anymore. The system keeps the house at a pleasant 18-20 degrees, so there are no sudden changes of temperature if we move from room to room. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your system - indeed, when one of our acquaintances saw it, they were so impressed that they did contact you for an inspection. Great job - 5 out of 5 in all areas.
  • Val, Elliott (near Burnie)

Corporate Box Seats Competition

HEG is giving away 2 double passes to corporate box seats for the Heritage Isle Tornadoes Women's SEABL Basketball (Satruday 6pm July 23rd match at Elphin Sports Stadium, Launceston). Entry, light freshments and drink provided FREE! To be in the draw to win one of these double passes to these basketball matches, all you have to do is:

  • Like Our Facebook Page
  • Share this Facebook Post and Tag someone on this post who you want to bring along to the corporate box to watch a Torns match with you! 

Home Efficiency Facebook page

p.s. Let us know that you have shared as sometimes we cannot tell depending on your Facebook settings.
HEG will do a draw on Wednesday 20th July and notify people via our Facebook page and via Facebook Messenger. If you cannot be contacted within 48 hours, we may need to offer the tickets to other people. Travel to and from the venue isn't included.

Lauren Mansfield, captain of the Tornadoes

Image copyright damonkingshott.com

Ducted Air Circulation System - Competition Winner

Recently we held a competition to give away a FREE Ducted Air Circulation System, including full installation, to a lucky contact that had "Liked" our Facebook page (see www.facebook.com/HomeEfficiencyGroup) and shared a photo of the ducting system.  The prize value was $3000, and included all electrical work, roof work (if required) and ducting work.

At the end of February, we did a virtual drum roll a picked a random 10 names from the list of 500+ Facebook contacts, then asked our office manager, Natalie, to draw one of the 10 out of a hat...

The lucky winner was Jessie Radford from St Leonards, a suburb near Launceston, Tasmania. Jessie has a husband, Roger, and two children. Jessie is incredibly grateful for the prize as they are a young family in their first home just starting out. They are very much looking forward to a warmer home, not having to wipe down wet windows, and no longer worrying about mould and mildew in the rooms.

Jessie Radford shaking hands with Nathan, one of the electricians on the job
Pic 1:Jessie and one of her children, pictured with Nathan, one of our talented electricians on the job.

What was installed?

There are optional modules that can be installed in conjunction with the Ducted Air Circulation System. After assessing her house, we determined that it required a five (5) outlet Air Circulation System with Roof Heat Recovery Module and a Condensation Control module.  The latter module comes with a written guarantee that we will eradicate persistent, troublesome window condensation in rooms that we duct to when the system is used within basic guidelines i.e. it is designed to be left on 24/7 during cooler weather. The ventilation was brought in via a small, filtered roof cowl (not shown in the diagram, below).

The ceiling inlet pictured near the Radford family woodheater

Pic 2: The Radford family living room showing the woodheater and ceiling air intake.

Here is an excerpt from the Radford Family interview...

Why did you enter the competition?

"Our main point of concern for wanting a ducting system was the cold rooms at the back of the house, particularly because we had our first child within the last 2 years. We were experiencing window condensation in the cold rooms, which was causing some mould around the windows, and we want our baby to keep warm even on cold nights. We had signed up for a newsletter from Home Efficiency Group, and we noticed the competition. Both I and my husband, Roger, signed up on your Facebook page."

How did you find out you had won?

"I forgot to check on Facebook that weekend. We found out that we had won when a work colleague told me about it on the Monday following the prize draw. It was a great way to start the week! I was gobsmacked and at first thought the prize was just installation and that there may be more to pay. It was a great surprise to learn that the prize was all inclusive – supply and professional install, including electrical work. That's a very generous prize."

You've had a night with the system running, and it was a cold night... Did you use the system?

(This last comment is via a recent Facebook Post that Jessie made): "Just a really quick quick you, I have so much more to say but I wanted to start with this: one of our first fires of the year and we can have it turned right down but our whole house is toasty!! We are so grateful for your generosity, regards, The Radford Family xxx"

The entire Radford clan

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