Examiner Newspaper Article: Ducting dries 'Crying Windows'

-- 14th April, 2014. The Examiner Newspaper. By Jayne Richardson.

Adam Hirst from Home Efficiency Group was interviewed by The Examiner recentlyThere is no need for home owners to put up with window condensation and cold rooms this winter. Home Efficiency Group, located on the corner of Galvin and Wellington streets in South Launceston, have a cost effective, guaranteed solution for eradicating window condensation in homes.

Home Efficiency Group managing director, Adam Hirst, said this time of year, with temperatures dropping outside overnight, many households will shortly be waking up to 'crying windows', which often leads to mould, damp smells, dust mite allergies, window sill damage and generally poorer air quality.

Mr Hirst said "One of our specialities is the eradication of window condensation using a ducted hybrid system that we've been refining for years. Our system, called the HEG Air Circulation System, is a 3-in-1 system that circulates heat, ventilates the house to reduce moisture levels and recovers free heat from solar gain in your roof cavity and sunny rooms. It is a simple design, cost effective and typically pays for itself in about 2.5 years due to savings on heating and cooling."

Mr Hirst said that the system eradicates window condensation within 24 hours usually, and typically increases ambient temperatures by between 4 and 8 degrees, and means that expensive panel heaters can be switched off. Common benefits include warmer rooms and passageways, as well as drier feeling carpets, fresher air and much easier breathing.

"We find that our window condensation eradication written guarantee is very important for people, and the fact that the system works well with both wood heaters and heat pumps. It is nice to have a house that doesn’t have those typical hot and cold spots, but still have bedrooms at a nice sleeping temperature" Said Mr Hirst.

Mr Hirst said window condensation was not only bad for your house, it is often bad for family health, particularly young children, the elderly and people who already have respiratory issues, such as asthma and sinus symptoms.

``There are a large number of local, national and global studies that indicate a really strong link between a damp house and asthma-like symptoms,'' Mr Hirst said. "We've collated some of the main studies and put links to them on our Facebook page."

The Home Efficiency Group's Ducted Air Circulation System can not only eradicate persistent and troublesome window condensation, it is designed to distribute heat more effectively throughout your home, as well as lower heating costs by recovering free heat from your roof cavity when it is warm enough.

"Prices are a bit under $3000 for a full system supplied and installed, for a typical 3-bedroom home, or five rooms. We often find people will put in one of our Ducting systems rather than buy a second heater that they won't always use" said Mr Hirst.

Located mostly out of sight in the ceiling space, the system uses a circulatory ducting design to keep warm air circulating to and from the living room to bedrooms in a continuous cycle.

``Our system makes use three heat sources, which is why we tend to substantially decrease heating costs for customers,'' Mr Hirst said.

 ``Excess heat from above existing heaters, warm air trapped in your roof cavity on sunny days, and solar gain from sunny rooms. The air flows that we create can be compared with running your hand slowly around a bath to mix in warm water. Air temperatures in your home become more blended, and you don't need to rely on expensive panel heaters in bedrooms and hallways"

``We have found that our system typically reduces annual heating bills by 15% if you have a heat pump, and  by about 35% if you have a wood heater as your primary heater.'' Mr Hirst said.

``We have also found that clients are able to leave off their heaters for an extra 6 to 7 weeks each year due to the roof heat recovery feature.  The cost to run one of the Home Efficiency Group systems is only about 2.5 cents an hour, which really allows the savings to stack up when you can turn off 50 to 90 cent per hour heaters."

The Home Efficiency Group offer a state wide free onsite quoting service, coming to you in your home, or you can get a fixed price over the phone in about 3 minutes by calling them on 1300 96 80 60.

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