Solar PV Installations and Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinders - Terms and Conditions of Sale

Please see this page for full conditions of sale of your solar photovoltaic system or heat pump hot water system:

3 Year Window Condensation Control Guarantee

3 Year Condensation Control Limited Warranty

Home Efficiency Group undertakes that its condensation control systems will eradicate persistent and troublesome window condensation from your home within the ducted rooms of the dwelling. "Troublesome window condensation" is defined as large beading of moisture on windows and/or streaking condensation that runs down and pools up on sills or other surfaces to potentially cause damage, and window condensation that is persistently present to allow the formation of mould or extensive dust mite colonies. Light condensation over a small percentage of the window is to be expected on particularly cool nights/mornings as there is always moisture in the air. Sometimes the effect of the system cannot penetrate behind enclosed, reasonably draught-proof window drapes or blinds, but the condensation is usually light and will dry off before it can cause any damage. If there is a particularly cool morning, and depending on your heater type and settings, troublesome condensation may form on some mornings, but the incidence of such will be substantially reduced and usually of a much lesser nature.

It should be understood by the customer that there is usually a trade-off between room warmth and window condensation. When dry air from the eave, gable, roof cowl or roof cavity is used to displace moist air from the liveable parts of the house, the temperature increases that occur by ducting warm air from your primary heater to bedrooms may be offset when the ventilation air is particularly cool at times. This is usually a negligible temperature effect as the ventilation air is only a small proportion of the heater-warmed air that is being ducted throughout the house, but does depend on heater type, heater usage, house usage (living habits), house construction and valve settings on the ventilation duct line. In general, though, the greater proportion of ventilation air used (i.e. for severe condensation), then the greater the offset of temperature gains in ducted rooms (but the window condensation is eradicated or minimised). There is usually a happy balance between the warmth and window condensation in most cases, though.

We offer a 3 year Window Condensation Control Warranty on the effectiveness of the condensation control system from the date of install of the Condensation Control module as part of the HEG Ducted Air Circulation System (HEG Air), and subject to system refinement by Home Efficiency Group or representatives, as well as householders using the system in an Approved Manner.  HEG undertakes to eradicate the persistent, troublesome window condensation in rooms that are ducted to, unless these rooms have been specifically excluded from the Limited Warranty due to construction characteristics (such as a large skillion-roofed rooms where we can't effectively penetrate ventilated air into the room).

The Approved Manner includes, but is not limited to, 24 hour usage of the system, fan being left running at the prescribed flow rate, bedroom or other internal doors being left slightly ajar for the majority of the day to allow adequate circulation, adequate primary heater usage to supply sufficient heat, diffusers in affected rooms and "wet rooms" (bathroom, kitchen, etc..) being left open. Also, as we cannot determine future changes to your house, any modifications to the roof or ventilation to the roof or eave/gable may have an impact on the ducted air circulation system and condensation control module thus negating the Limited Warranty. We are only too happy to provide advice or warnings to ensure that the effectiveness of the system is not compromised.

HEG Window Condensation Control Guarantee

Product Warranty

Regarding: Professional installation of HEG Air ducted air circulation and ducted condensation control systems by Home Efficiency Group after January 1st 2015.

Workmanship Guarantee

Home Efficiency Group undertakes to act in a professional manner, install your system with diligence, leave your home in a clean and tidy state, and fix any damage that may be accidentally caused in the course of installation.

Warranty Information

A 5 year manufacturer’s warranty applies to the EC and AC Blauberg inline duct fans that we professionally install. Home Efficiency Group undertakes to swap over the fans at our expense within 12 months of installation when a manufacturers fault causes malfunction. If the fan is damaged by a 3rd party or accidental or intentional physical trauma post-install, or a power-surge within the electrical system of the house (e.g. caused by lightning strikes), tampering, work by another trades person or force majeure events, then the manufacturers warrant and labour to swap it over is void.

We do not offer temperature increase guarantees on ducted air circulation systems as the system is NOT A HEATER and is entirely dependent on the type, effectiveness and usage patterns of your primary or other heaters in your home, as well as draughts, house air volume sizes, solar gain in rooms and roof cavities, amount of insulation and other construction factors of the dwelling. However, indicative temperature increases, based on feedback from existing customers, include approx 5 degree increases over the ambient temperate of bedrooms for reverse-cycle air conditioners throughout the house (typically up to 5 outlets), and 6-8 degree ambient temperature increases for homes with wood heaters. Once again, the heat produced by different styles of heaters does vary substantially and, combined with solar gain that the system may be able to access, will partially determine temperature gains throughout the house.

Roof Condensation

Roof Condensation is a separate issue to Window Condensation. Sometimes your home may be too well sealed, which means the air becomes stale and does not change frequently enough) resulting in lack of ventilation and a build up of moisture. This can lead to serious roof and ceiling issues, which needs to be addressed by the home owner.

The good news is that the problem can be overcome easily via the use of a roof ventilator (whirly bird) and/or eave vents, which will ventilate your roof space, enable the Condensation Control system to work as designed and overcome potential longer-term problems that you may have encountered. The onus of ventilating your roof is either your builder (if a new home) or the homeowner (yourself or landlord) because your roof needs to be adequately ventilated to keep the wood and air healthy.

Common reasons that roofs have a high relative humidity:

  1. Low roof pitch, meaning a small overall air volume compared to the moisture being introduced in it from bathroom, kitchen and/or laundry vents
  2. Roof being sealed too tight. This is often caused where the roofer or builder of your home has run the sisilation (foil wrap) over the ridge cap and hasn't allowed the natural ventilation to occur at the peak of the roof.
  3. Large roof area, meaning potentially difficult to ventilate when there are small vent holes at the perimeter of the roof.
  4. Steam from household activities (bathroom and/or kitchen exhaust) being vented into roof space rather than than ducted outside
  5. Not enough existing vents to adequately ventilate roof space.
  6. Existing vents allowing too small a volume of air into the roof space.
  7. Vents not allowing full penetration of ventilation into roof space, or not providing adequate cross-flow.

Issues that can occur without adequate roof ventilation
  1. Roof condensation issues (water condensing on the underneath of the roof, leading to dripping water and potential ceiling damage)
  2. Rotting or deteriorating roof timber
  3. Build up of humidity levels in roof space, meaning our condensation control measure would not work adequately.
  4. Ant infestations due to dark, humid environment in your roof cavity.
Actions required to offset inadequate roof ventilation issues:

  1. Eave or gable vents spaced evenly around the roof line. Ensure that your eaves are actually connected to the main roof space as sometimes walls extend up to the roof-line rather than finish at the ceiling line.
  2. Whirly Bird roof ventilator, Solar Whiz (solar powered roof ventilator - more expensive but a lot more effective), or CSR Edmonds Airomatic (powered roof ventilator)
  3. Sisilation (silver roof wrap) to be cut and partially removed directly under the ridge cap to allow flow of air.
  4. Bathroom, kitchen and/or laundry vents to be ducted out to the eave or roof.
  5. Cowls (roof vents) to be installed at far reaches of roof to allow outside air to enter roof space; to be used in conjunction with roof ventilators.


Home Efficiency Group reserves the right to vary, rescind or add to these warranty terms at any time.

Terms of Sale / Conditions / Disclaimer

Pricing Notes

Quotations are valid for 30 days from date of quotation. We will make every effort to avoid any additional costs, and will discuss any changes with you beforehand. Pricing includes the supply of the ducted air circulation system components, installation and electrician costs. Travel is itemised as extra, and is calculated on a shared travel cost basis of 2 or 3 jobs on the same day within relatively close proximity; we reserve the right to recover full travel costs if your job is the only one in the general area or the only one on that day if you require the installation prior to another job being available in your area. Home Efficiency Group reserves the right to refuse jobs due to construction factors (skillion roofs aren’t applicable, for instance), location factors (some remote locations are difficult to schedule in a timely manner) or for other reasons at our sole discretion. 

Specifically, Home Efficiency Group reserves the right to charge extra for:

  1. Electrical work that takes more than 2 hours (usually 1 to 1.5 hours)
  2. Alterations to the specifications by the customer, or significant oversight or error in the quotation;
  3. Sudden and unexpected price variations from suppliers;
  4. Additional travel that is required outside of a single direct travel to and from the job site;
  5. Unforeseen circumstances that impinge on the timely installation of the service or costs relating to the service;
  6. Unforeseen lath/plaster ceilings & double ceilings etc... which requires greater time to work with & clean-up; 

For pricing of non-standard configurations or installations, please contact our sales team on 1300 96 80 60.

LED Downlight Replacements

Home Efficiency Group typically quotes for the upgrade of existing halogen downlights to more efficient LED lights. The scope of work on the HEG quote for LED Downlights includes:

  1. EACH - supply-only of downlight, no labour component.
  2. INSTALL - labour to unplug existing downlight from GPO (socket in roof space), replacement of halogen downlight wth LED version.
  3. PLUG - In the case where a downlight is hardwired into the circuit in a building, this fee includes organising for an electrician to wire in surface socket so that we can plug the downlight in. This fee is in addition to the EACH and INSTALL fee.

In the case where new downlights are required, then HEG presents prices on a Time and Materials  basis. Different configurations, such as dimmers, switches, plates, cabling, integration with meter box, access to downlight locations in the roof space (which may require roof off access) etc... all have an effect on the final price, so a fixed quotation is not practical.

Prices for downlights apply to Mr Multi 10W IC-F rated LED downlight, unless otherwise stated.

Payment Terms

Most services are 50% deposit, 50% balance upon installation. Payment of invoices must be made on the day of installation following successful testing of the system by the electrician or installation technicians. Payment can be made by Visa,  Mastercard, Cheque, Direct Deposit (e.g. online or phone bank transfer) or cash. The installation technicians will be able to provide a receipt. E&OE.

Heat Pump Quotations, Installations, Variations and Upgrades

Quotations are supplied subject to meter box inspection by an electrician at the time of installation. If an upgrade of your meter box or associated wiring is required to be adjusted or upgraded - such as for regulatory or electrical capacity reasons - then the customer acknowledges that this would be additional to the quoted amount and would alter the final invoice as it may require the services of either the electricity utility or a specialised electrician. The customer has the right to cancel the install prior to works commencing if this is the case, but it should be noted that any changes that Home Efficiency Group, or its agents, may require would most likely be required by other heat pump installation companies. Changes to the meter box are generally only required if the meter box is too small to allow new circuit breakers to be installed, or if the meter box is not adequate from a safety point of view, as per current regulations and policies. Often the capacity of the meter box and wiring cannot be ascertained until the meter box has been dismantled or inspected indepth and/or tested.


We respect your privacy – customer details are never sold to 3rd parties. We may contact you from time to time with other home efficiency-related products or services.

Care of installation

All care will be taken with the installation of inlets and outlets in your dwelling. However, if your ceiling construction is “lath and plaster” (which can vary widely in its quality of workmanship) or of poor construction of other materials, then Home Services Group does not take responsibility for damage that occurs from work being undertaken in the normal installation process with requisite due care.

Expectations / Outcomes

As each house is individual in nature (workmanship, air volume, draughts, sub-floor ventilation, insulation, inherent moisture content & other issues) and each household has different patterns of lifestyle use (e.g number of showers taken, temperature of heaters, running times of heaters, etc...), Home Efficiency Group cannot warrant or be held responsible for the effectiveness of the system to distribute heat or alleviate issues (although we try very hard!).

Safety Measures

We proceed on the assumption that the Customer has, or will prior to use of the Home Efficiency Group system, implement adequate safety measures in the use of existing heaters, including, but not limited to, correct wiring, smoke detectors (in all bedrooms, living areas and passageways) and regular servicing of heaters/flues, etc...


Although the information and recommendations set forth herein (hereinafter "Information") are presented in good faith and believed to be correct as of the date hereof, Home Efficiency Group makes no representations as to the completeness or accuracy thereof. Information is supplied upon the condition that the persons receiving same will make their own determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to use. In no event will Home Efficiency Group be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon Information.

Any suggestion or information contained in this document, online or in other related literature is based solely on limited data available to Home Efficiency Group and our experience with the general properties of any specified product. Accordingly, no express or implied representation or warranty is made either as to the accuracy of any such suggestion or information or as to the results which may be obtained from, or the consequences of the use or application of, any product or of any such suggestion or information. In no event is any such suggestion or information to be considered or represented to be a recommendation or a final or preliminary engineering or other design. Except for such express written warranty, if any, as the manufacturer or supplier of system components may issue to the purchaser, Home Efficiency Group makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to any product, including, but not by way of limitation, the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of such product.

The purchaser assumes sole and full responsibility for being familiar with all characteristics of all products and for determining and satisfying him or herself as to the content of all products and the suitability of all products for the uses and applications contemplated by the purchaser and others, as well as for complying with all laws, regulations and standards applicable to the possession, handling, processing, and use of all products. The purchaser also assumes all risks and liabilities arising out of or in connection with the use of all products, and of the results obtained by the use of all products, whether used alone or in combination with other products, tradesmen or material, including, without limitation, all risks and liabilities with respect to patent and proprietary rights of third parties.

Force majeur (extraordinary events past the control of parties) applies.

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