Affects of condensation in your home

Typical window condensation in a house in temperate climate

What does condensation do?

  • Water damage to window sills and carpets
  • Allows mould to grow on blinds, window sills, wall and ceilings - as well as clothes!
  • Allows musty smells to form
  • Allows dust mite colonies to get out of control (Note: proteins in dust mites, as well as their faecal matter, can cause respiratory inflammation, particularly with children and the elderly)

Child with inhaler

Potential health implications:

  • Toxin and chemical build-up
  • Dust mite allergies
  • Mould allergies
  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Asthma attacks

What causes condensation?

Causes of condensation in a domestic context in cooler climate states:

  1. Humid air from normal household activities (showering, cooking, breathing, drying clothes)
  2. Lack of adequate ventilation, mostly because we are trying to keep the cold out
  3. Fluctuating room temperatures, in particular sudden drops of temperature overnight

Dust mites magnified 

Annoyed by constant Window Condensation over winter?

Window Condensation - crying windowsWindow condensation is formed via the build-up of moist air within your home, and is triggered when the moisture-laden air becomes cold, typically when it comes into contact with a window. Colder air cannot support as much water vapour as warmer air, so the excess water vapour is converted into liquid water on your windows, window frames, skylights and even walls.

The aim of our Condensation Control System is threefold: 

  1. reduce condensation and related issues by drying your home, and 
  2. increase the ambient temperature of homes by utilising free solar heat from your roof cavity.
  3. circulate air around the house to distribute warm air from living room heaters or solar gain from the roof. 

Drying Your Home to Decrease Condensation

Condensation in your home is created when water vapour from cooking, breathing, showering and so on, coming into contact with cooler surfaces and turns into water droplets. Most ceiling spaces are a lot drier than your liveable parts typically. The system simply displaces your moisture-laden household air with warm, dry air, thus making it difficult for condensation to form. Without condensation, mould colonies and dust mites no longer have an ideal environment in which to flourish. The system also removes sudden air temperature fluctuations from your home, which removes the trigger for condensation to form.

HEG Air Circulation System, with roof heat recovery and window condensation control

Diagram - HEG Air Circulation System with Solar Roof Heat Recovery System (which also incorporates the condensation control function, which allows a continuous percentage of ventilation air to be introduced into the house).

The Condensation Control system is a hybrid system, being a "bolt on" module to the HEG Air Circulation System:

  1. A low-wattage, energy-efficient air pump circulates air from your living room ceiling directly to bedrooms via insulated flexible ducting and subtle ceiling outlets;
  2. A percentage of dry air from your roof cavity is continually introduced into the house (after being filtered), displacing moist air with dry air.
  3. The slow movement of dry air absorbs more moisture from your linen, towels furnishings and carpets, thus assisting them to dry faster.
  4. The warm air (from multiple sources) increases the ambient temperature of the house, meaning that your current heaters don't need to work as hard at night.
  5. Because temperatures around the house are more balanced (as opposed to hot and cold spots), the trigger for window condensation to form is removed.

3 Year Window Condensation Control Guarantee

3 Year Condensation Control Limited Warranty

Home Efficiency Group undertakes that its condensation control systems will eradicate persistent and troublesome window condensation from your home within the ducted rooms of the dwelling. "Troublesome window condensation" is defined as large beading of moisture on windows and/or streaking condensation that runs down and pools up on sills or other surfaces to potentially cause damage, and window condensation that is persistently present to allow the formation of mould or extensive dust mite colonies. Light condensation over a small percentage of the window is to be expected on particularly cool nights/mornings as there is always moisture in the air. Sometimes the effect of the system cannot penetrate behind enclosed, reasonably draught-proof window drapes or blinds, but the condensation is usually light and will dry off before it can cause any damage. If there is a particularly cool morning, and depending on your heater type and settings, troublesome condensation may form on some mornings, but the incidence of such will be substantially reduced and usually of a much lesser nature.

It should be understood by the customer that there is usually a trade-off between room warmth and window condensation. When dry air from the eave, gable, roof cowl or roof cavity is used to displace moist air from the liveable parts of the house, the temperature increases that occur by ducting warm air from your primary heater to bedrooms may be offset when the ventilation air is particularly cool at times. This is usually a negligible temperature effect as the ventilation air is only a small proportion of the heater-warmed air that is being ducted throughout the house, but does depend on heater type, heater usage, house usage (living habits), house construction and valve settings on the ventilation duct line. In general, though, the greater proportion of ventilation air used (i.e. for severe condensation), then the greater the offset of temperature gains in ducted rooms (but the window condensation is eradicated or minimised). There is usually a happy balance between the warmth and window condensation in most cases, though.

We offer a 3 year Window Condensation Control Warranty on the effectiveness of the condensation control system from the date of install of the Condensation Control module as part of the HEG Ducted Air Circulation System (HEG Air), and subject to system refinement by Home Efficiency Group or representatives, as well as householders using the system in an Approved Manner.  HEG undertakes to eradicate the persistent, troublesome window condensation in rooms that are ducted to, unless these rooms have been specifically excluded from the Limited Warranty due to construction characteristics (such as a large skillion-roofed rooms where we can't effectively penetrate ventilated air into the room).

The Approved Manner includes, but is not limited to, 24 hour usage of the system, fan being left running at the prescribed flow rate, bedroom or other internal doors being left slightly ajar for the majority of the day to allow adequate circulation, adequate primary heater usage to supply sufficient heat, diffusers in affected rooms and "wet rooms" (bathroom, kitchen, etc..) being left open. Also, as we cannot determine future changes to your house, any modifications to the roof or ventilation to the roof or eave/gable may have an impact on the ducted air circulation system and condensation control module thus negating the Limited Warranty. We are only too happy to provide advice or warnings to ensure that the effectiveness of the system is not compromised.

HEG Window Condensation Control Guarantee

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