Pricing Schedule

For a professional service of your Ducted Air Circulation System, the fee is $150 Inc GST + travel. If the service replaces the filter unit in the roof space (called a filter sock) then this is an additional $75 (i.e. $225 in total).

A cost-recovery travel fee for vehicle and staff of $2.50/km one way applies to regional locations outside of a 15km radius of Launceston or Hobart.

Filter socks are available for standalone sale from our Launceston office for $125 inc GST.

Preventative Maintenance for Ducted Air Circulation Systems(tm)

From time to time, Ducted Air Circulation Systems require a preventative maintenance service to ensure smooth operation. Naturally-occurring dust within your home slowly builds up in the fan, inlets and outlets of the Ducted Air Circulation ™ system, diminishing its performance. The fan needs to work harder, and the air circulation effect is diminished. Plus, sometimes the dust in the inlet can be aesthetically unpleasant, and the filtered inlet* in the roof cavity can become blocked, especially if moisture is entering the roof from bathrooms, kitchens or laundries .

* which you may or may not have depending on which modules were installed or available at the time.

To ensure that dust does not clog and unbalance the fan assembly (which can cause uneven wear on the bearings), it is thoroughly cleaned to prolong its life and to minimise vibrations and noise. Additionally, duct can accumulate in the air inlet and diffusers, and moths can become stuck in the filtered inlet leading from the outside ventilation duct (if applicable).

The standard Preventative Maintenance cost for a Ducted Air Circulation System includes: 

  1. Cleaning of ceiling inlet and outlets
  2. Removal, cleaning and reinstatement of fan to remove excess dust.
  3. Check outlet air flow balancing
  4. Check ducting system integrity (connections, vermin damage, accidental alteration of ducting flow path etc)
  5. Check & clean eave/gable or roof cowl condensation module fly mesh and inlet.
  6. Check electrical connections.
  7. Check filter sock. If required (and with your consent), this will be replaced at an additional charge.
We recommend an annual service IF you use the ducted air circulation system for at least 6 months each year, or every second year if you use the system less frequently.

How often do I need to service the system?

Filter socks, part of the Roof Heat Recovery ModuleGeneral service every year, filter change every 2 years

Pictured at right: New filter sock on left (20% larger surface area than older models for enhanced performance) and recently replaced clogged-up filter sock on right. The filter socks are used with the Roof Heat Recovery Module, as well as with some Condensation Control Modules.

  • If your Ducted Air Circulation System is 24 months old, then it is recommended to have an annual service.
  • If your Ducted Air Circulation System is over 24 months old, then it probably requires a filter sock replacement. Sometimes our servicing staff recommend that the filter sock be changed earlier if it is looking particularly clogged. This depends on the air quality of your roof cavity.

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