Heat Pumps

Efficient heating & cooling

For heating and cooling, we do statewide sales, installs and servicing of Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps / Air Con.


DIY Heat Transfer Kits

For Trade and the Home DIYer

Using professional gear coupled with our experience from installing thousands of our own systems, we can get you sorted with cost effective AND robust kits.

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Retrofit a BYD Battery today.

The wait for affordable home batteries is over.

If your home has an existing solar energy system installed, then you have two broad options:

  1. Add energy storage to your existing solar system; or 
  2. Add more solar panels and add a BYD battery.

Did you know BYD is the biggest battery manufacturer in the world. Why install a HEG™ Home Battery?

  1. Use day time power at night time.
  2. Gain greater energy independence.
  3. Use solar energy during cloudy periods.
  4. Future-proof your home against rising power costs.

Enjoy the savings.

Pay only $50 per week over 3 years with an Interest-Free TEELS** Loan (up to $10k). Add modules to your suit needs. Only $2,240 per 3.5kW of energy storage. Now that is a good investment. 

HEG™ has specifically chosen BYD for it’s high performance, it’s safe battery chemistry and great 10 year warranty.

Learn more at www.hegenergy.com.au/byd/

Ducted Air Circulation

Air Comfort & Control

Thousands of homes are enjoying the benefits of HEG Air Circulation Systems. The base system distributes air to up to 10 rooms, whilst various modules offer enhanced functionality like window condensation control & roof heat recovery. These systems are between 1/6 and 1/2 the cost of ducted heat pumps, and interoperate with wood, gas, or electric heaters, and have a summer mode also.

HEG Ducted Air Circulation System

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Ceiling Insulation

Warm in winter, cool in summer

Ceiling insulation substantially increases the temperature of your home in winter, cools it in summer, and reduces window condensation. It is always the highest thermal priority in any home.

That's a HEG of a lot warmer!


TEELS (Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme) has started!

Tas Govt, Aurora Energy & Westpac: Does an Interest-Free Loan of up to $10k for residential and small business investments in energy efficiency and/or renewable energy technologies sound good?

Click here for details on TEELS.

Government Grant for Farmers

Farmers Grant

Do you own an agribusiness, such as a vineyard, poultry farm, cattle or crop farm etc? Click here for more information regarding a grant sponsored by the Tasmanian Department of State Growth.

Commercial Solar and Lighting

Are you a business, club, government department or association in Tasmania? Our commercial division, HEG Energy, is able to provide you a quotation for commercial solar, lighting upgrades, energy audits and more...

HEG Energy - commercial solar and LED lighting

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Window Condensation Control

Wet windows gone - 3 YEAR GUARANTEE 
We don't mince our words when it comes to window condensation... It is bad for the health of your family due to mould/dust mite growth, we provide a 3 year GUARANTEE to eradicate persistent, troublesome window condensation in your home, and we have the best system available. There is a reason HEG has been selected as the exclusive provider of window condensation control systems to the Tas Housing Department after competitive analysis, and have a 4.5/5 satisfaction rating with the independent Sustainable Living Tasmania survey!

Underfloor Insulation

Bare feet on floors during winter

Stop the cold beneath your home from lowering the temperature of the floor. Underfloor insulation typically leads to a 3.5 degree increase in night time temperatures, and also tends to draught-proof suspended floors.

Underfloor insulation diagram


Need general advice?

Free onsite measure & quotes

Unsure about how to improve the comfort & health of your home, or how to tackle high power bills? Let us evaluate your home. Contact us.

HEG Thermal Efficiency Priorities Chart

HEG Thermal Efficiency Priorities

A little bit about us...

Kane, lead quoter and installation supervisorWe're a local Tasmanian company that provides professional installation of a range of related "home efficiency" services, such as insulation, heat pumps and HEG Air Circulation Systems. With bases in Hobart and Launceston, and regularly servicing the NW Coast and regional areas all over Tasmania, we have the entire state covered, as well as selling DIY Heat Transfer Kits nationally. 

We provide free onsite quotes, but we don't need to come onsite to provide fixed-price quotations. Ducting systems are fixed prices based on a per-outlet basis. Ceiling and underfloor insulation is charged on a per-SQM basis, which means we can estimate based on Google Earth measurements to within 5% accuracy, then do an accurate measure-up on the day to adjust a final invoice. Please call a Home Efficiency Group (HEG) sales consultant on 1300 96 80 60 to arrange an obligation-free quotation.

Common Issues

Home Efficiency GroupSolutions to Common Issues

HEG Air Circulation System

Spread payments over 18 months... Limited Time.

Sign up now & spread payments over 1 to 5 years, from a minimum of $1000

  • Duct cool air in summer

  • Avoid the winter rush/delays

  • Start saving money sooner

  • Improve the health of your home

Install a Ducted Air Circulation System using a Community First Green Loan so that you can avoid the winter rush for installations (usually 4 to 8 week delays)! You can use the system to duct cool air throughout your home during the warmer months. This feature is designed to flush hot air out from bedrooms or away from overly sunny living rooms, greatly improving comfort levels. By installing a system now, you can also reap the benefits of the "Roof Heat Recovery Module" during the next Autumn, thus saving you money earlier than if you waited until Winter to install. 

Summer Roof Ventilation

Your roof gets hot in summer, which in turns puts an enormous heat load on your living areas. Extract the heat from your roof space before it comes an issue using a roof ventilator such the solar-powered Solar Whiz or a powered version such as CSR Edmonds Airomatic.

Solar Whiz  -- solar powered roof ventilator


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